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“Before I started I thought I was going to have to have surgery. I felt so old, and what I was able to do kept diminishing. Now, I'm back to full function... playing golf, walking hills without hesitation and stronger and feeling younger than I expected was possible!”                               

                                            - D.H. Homeopath and Cranial Sacral Specialist


“The neck pain I have been suffering from for the last 15 years was relieved after the first session.”                                                                                   -P.J. Homemaker 

“I was amazed! I found myself progressing so quickly moving away from discomfort and towards mobility after only a couple of sessions.”    

                                        - Veronica Womack, Mother, Wife, Home School Educator

“I just can’t believe how I am walking better! Everyday I am changing.”          

                                                                                       - Sally Friend, retired Rancher

“I just wanted to thank you for such wonderful exercises. I’ve always had trouble with my back sciatica which causes numbness down the outside of my leg and into toes. I’ve had this for over 45 years. And now with your exercises and a wonderful massage therapist, I have feeling in my toes.”

"I though I was going to have to have Hip Surgery…and because of Lisa

(and these methods) I’ve had no surgeries." -Ric Schorer

                     “I’m in a completely different space physically.                              - V.W.

“I used to be very athletic, but had come to the point where I was willing to settle for just being able to walk without pain. After only three weeks I gained relief. After only 4 months I am completely pain free.”

                                                        - Susan Madrid, Awake and aware student of life

“In just a few minutes of following along with the movements for the hip, everything about me and my super tight body feels better.”          - E.D., Web-Developer, age 36

"I though I was going to have to have Hip Surgery…and because of Lisa

(and these methods) I’ve had no surgeries."                            - Ric Schorer

Give your body the gift of movement and experience what it means to

THRIVE at any age!


Reduce or Eliminate Symptoms like:

  • Stiffness and loss of motion

  • Moving slower

  • Feeling pain in your joints, limbs or spine

  • Feeling weak or frail

  • Difficulty walking

  • Fear of falling

  • Loss of balance

  • Slouching Posture

  • Body shape changing and losing muscle

Premature Aging Is NOT Normal!


Introducing the Revolutionary

Turn Back Time 3-Dimensional Movement Series

by Lisa Huck, FAFS, FMR


When you move the body intentionally and appropriately in 3-dimensions, it maintains your ability to keep moving in all directions and UNLOCKS your body’s true potential.

The Turn Back Time 3-Dimensional Dynamic Movement Series allows you to

age gracefully with freedom, ease, strength and confidence!


Plus, this Series is presented in 3 positions to target your unique needs:

Sitting, Standing & Lying Positions

This revolutionary series is designed with your needs in mind:

  • go at your own pace

  • use progression - start small and increase over time

  • use individual movements throughout your day and/or do a full routine for a thorough and optimal daily workout

  •  these moves and routines will grow with you for a long life of transformation

Get Instant Access to the Complete Series NOW for One payment of only:

Conveniently view your videos anytime, anywhere via your own private online portal.


Plus, you will receive Instructional & Real Time videos for all three positions.


Prefer to own a hard copy? 

Purchase the series on DVD for:

Your Turn Back Time Series on DVD will be shipped directly to you.


Plus, you will also receive instant access to the videos online so you can get started while you wait for your DVD's to arrive.  



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